Review: Desktop Lightning

As you will soon find out when you start reading this, it is not so much a review as it is a warning about Desktop Lightning.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a email about an interesting new product that the author claimed she purchased and was already seeing results. This being someone that I had been on her list for almost a year and had a good amount of trust with her. It sounded good, so I bought the product.

So far so good. Then it was recommended that I download and install Desktop Lightning because it could increase the effectiveness of the program I just bought. There were some outrageous claims at the DL download page that you could potentially get 100,000’s of traffic within days and this is all free, by the way.

After filling out some details (such as address and phone number – more on that later), I downloaded and installed the software. Now, this was in the morning,  I had to commute to work, so I couldn’t play around with it just yet. During the day I got email after email (about every hour) from DL urging me to upgrade to a premium account, which is also a monthly fee. This was also offered during the registration phase, as a very special one-time offer, but I had declined. To top it off I was also getting spammy emails from Survey Updates which started at the same time but at a higher rate. I can only assume that they were from the same place because they were both similar and didn’t have any unsubscribe links.

No biggie, just mark them as spam, I hear you say. I did, but get this . . .  now I’m getting phone calls trying to sign me up for some sort of coaching program for people who show an interest in making money online. The sales person on the phone even mentions DL in the intro, so that kinda gives it away, don’t you think.

Anyway, I didn’t get to try out DL’s software because I deleted it after the first day’s aggressive email campaign. It could be good, but I somehow doubt it. The takeaway from all of this is to be very careful what you promote. The person who sent me the email that promoted the product, the one that had built up considerable trust, has now lost that trust, even though she wasn’t directly responsible.

The 60 Second Sales Hook – a short review

This is a great book that will boost your conversions both on your website and in your email campaigns, GO READ IT!

And I could just leave it at that. However, I’ll give you a bit of an overview, otherwise it would be a bit of a short review.

Kevin Rogers is a comedian, or should I say was a comedian. He travelled the circuits for ten years doing what he loved but made very little from it. Circumstances led him to discover that the simple formula used in creating jokes, would work just as well as, if not better, in the marketing arena. Jumping ahead to now, he is one of the most sought-after copyrighters in the business.

The art of storytelling is what this book is about. Now before you go and tell yourself that your not a writer or any good at storytelling, let me just say that after reading this little book, you don’t need to be a good writer and you are good at storytelling, at least the kind that is taught by the author. I had the same thoughts and after reading the intro suspended my disbelief for a while, and I’m glad I did. A simple and easy to implement formula will have you engaging your readers in next to no time.

As Kevin says: “All marketing is storytelling, and the most effective storytelling sounds like it’s coming straight from someone you know”. Sound familiar? He also goes on to explain the “know, like and trust” ingredients and how to establish that trust in 60 seconds or less.

Everything is well explained with plenty of examples and is geared towards online marketers, so your not left thinking “great idea, but how do I implement it on my website?”. He gives you a template that makes it dead easy to get started. Creating copy for a landing page or email marketing has never been easier, so easy in fact, he shows a great example of one that his dog made. Did I mention he was a comedian?

So a very entertaining book that will have you learning heaps and laughing as you go and a great bonus is that it is free! You can pick it up here.

When you’ve finished the book, it’s only a small one, I’d be interested in hearing your comments below.

Still reading? Look, it’s only a 30 minute read. Do yourself a favour and go and  pick it up, you’ll be glad you did 🙂


Ray Edwards website(this guy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to copywriting. Get on his list as he has great webinars form time to time. Update:18/09/2016)