Extra Traffic From Offline Sources

I’d like to share another great webinar I saw recently, so I’ll summarise below so you can get an overview of what it was about. Marketers today only seem to be interested in sourcing all their traffic online, but they could be missing out on some benefits that offline sourcing can provide.

If you take the time to try some of the methods outlined here, you will be putting a face to your brand, so to speak and this enhances legitimacy creating trust and authority. Which, as you may know, goes a long way when you’re after conversions. This doesn’t mean that you have to go the hard sell, actually no-sell at all. Think of it more as networking and sharing your expertise.

A bit of preparation first. Make sure you have your brand. That could be a logo, slogan or for some, their website name. What ever it is, the general rule is, the simpler, the better. Know your niche and be prepared to talk about it.

Some of the more conventional approaches could be local networking events and industry related conferences. You could be a guest presenter at functions talking about your industry. Just remember to be yourself and don’t sales pitch.

Print marketing is a great way to promote your business. These can include flyers, brochures, business cards, etc. These can be handed out (even at the networking events) or even delivered as a letterbox drop.

Some of the more unconventional methods may be sponsoring local sports groups or even advertising at sporting events. I’ve used this method for my retail business many years ago and it proved to be effective in getting my brand in front of people in a community-spirited way. Any volunteering work, or even if you’re already involved, wear a shirt with your logo or a cap with your brand. You could do the same for any community event, get your name out there.

Promotional material is always a winner, people love it. Pens, calendars, notepads, fridge magnets,novelty items like “stress balls”, etc. Tag lines and slogans printed on them work well on these.

Guerilla marketing can be a lot of fun and get your creativity flowing. Some of the clever ones were using bookmarks advertising your site and leaving them in the appropriate books at your local library. Paying for someones coffee (random person behind in the queue)and leaving your business card. Actually I’ve heard of quite a few stories of this sort of thing happening lately at the McDonalds drive-through, without the card though (missed opportunity there). On the webinar, a story was told of a yoga studio using street chalk to promote themselves by drawing FREE YOGA with arrows on the footpath leading to the studio. Would have got them a lot of business.

Well that’s the summary but the webinar has more examples and tips. Some of these ideas will go further than mere advertising with the possibility of going viral, you know how it is with word-of -mouth.

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