QSC – Week 3 Challenge

The challenge for week 3 was fairly straight forward, to start building a list from the website that we’ve all been growing over the last two weeks. To do that I needed some sort of incentive to get visitors to subscribe to my list. Now, I’ve been around this space for a little while now, a bit over a year, and have accumulated quite a bit of material. So I went through what I had, looking for something that might be appropriate. I found some video training that I had bought the rights to fairly recently (and it is quality training too), so I decided to use that. After working out what I was going to be giving away it was time to upload. Rather than use my website space for the files, I preferred to use the Amazon S3 service since I already had an account. It allows for much faster downloads and it doesn’t impact your monthly download allowance from your web host and it costs very little.

So, I had my freebies ready to go. Now I needed an autoresponder account, I chose Aweber. I would’ve preferred Getresponse, but I had already signed up with them a while ago for a free monthly trial and even though I didn’t use it, I wasn’t able to sign up for another free month (I know what you’re thinking but they use your mobile phone number for verification). And I wanted my first month free, so I signed with Aweber. It’s all very easy to setup, they walk you through the process with videos. After I setup my list and created my initial message, which is the delivery method I chose for the subscriber to access their freebies – rather than just downloading from a Thank You page, I was ready for the next step.

In order to capture a potential subscriber, you need to get their attention. In the rules of this challenge, the guys wanted us to put an optin box in the sidebar of the website. You could have used other methods if you really wanted, but it was clear on what they thought was best. Fortunately for me the theme I’m using (from Thrive Themes) is catered to internet marketers and they have that sort of thing built in. Now it will use a form to get the email addresses and sent that to your list. This is a bit of code that you copy from your autoresponder account and paste it into the widget. In my case the theme I use is built around list management, so it was a little different, but fairly simple anyway.

That’s it! All done and ready to collect subscribers. Seems fairly straight forward and it is but for me I had things not going as they should and that was compounded by me leaving this to the last minute, so to speak. It all worked out but the lesson here for me is to take my own advice and do these things earlier. Less stress, more fun and if things don’t go to plan, then there is plenty of time to find a solution.

With only one challenge left, I’m curious to know what that will be. It has followed a progression that makes sense to get to this point but what comes next?

I’ll find out in a couple of days but what do you think it will be? Let me know down below.

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