Quick Start Challenge – What I’ve Learnt So Far

As the QSC winds down for it’s final webinar, I thought I’d reflect on what’s been taught during the last four weeks.

In week one we were introduced to the world of blogging. Dean told his story of how he got started with a blog and how it enabled him to have a full-time online income all within twelve months. So what do you write about when you have yet to establish yourself online? Well, you can share any experience you have on the topic and also write about your journey. This engages readership and shows your triumphs and hardships, which has people identifying with you and that leads them to “know, like and trust” you over time. The first week concluded with a challenge: to get a wordpress website up and running with at least one blog on it. There was a major prize for a lucky winner and a prize for the rest of us who completed it.

Week two was about getting traffic to the website with two free methods discussed. Siphoning traffic off other websites with the blog commenting method was one and forum commenting was the other. The idea is if you are contributing to a discussion with good content, the link to your website, which you have in the signature, will get clicked and traffic will be sent that way. The weeks challenge was to create a video, preferably a talking head type of video. It could be about anything you liked and it had to be uploaded to Youtube with the Quick Start Challenge keywords somewhere in the title to qualify. Another major prize for a lucky person that completed it and prizes for everyone else that finished the task.

The importance of a subscriber list was one of the topics of week three. How the whole process of list building using a landing page together with an offer was illustrated on the whiteboard by Dean. Using autoresponders and the importance of automating parts of your business was also discussed. So given the subject matter of the webinar the task for the week was to get an autoresponder account and get some form of sign up form on your website, in order to get subscribers on the list.

In the final week, the internet lifestyle was talked about with some extra tips and strategies on monetisation. How setting up recurring income streams was talked about at length and how these can impact a business for years to come, virtually on auto-pilot. This was part of the automation example which was a topic that was visited again. Lots of great information was shared but no challenge was given for the week. Must say that I was a little disappointed with that because these challenges worked really well in getting myself motivated into action each week.

So that’s it, in a nutshell. One month, four weeks to get set-up online and it worked! With one more webinar to go – they are calling it a bonus session. Dean’s been doing a pretty big pre-sell on this one, so I have my suspicions as to what this will be about. We’ll be finding out soon enough though.

6 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge – What I’ve Learnt So Far”

  1. Hi Mike,

    The Quick Start Challenge does motivate us all to start taking imperfect action quickly.

    You have an interesting unique name for your website which is great – i rather like it 🙂

  2. The problem with most most of us that we seldom take many softwares and traning provided by Gurus that cliam to solve all our problem but once we start working on them we discover that these are the same garbage stuff that is totally outdated these days. So these Gurus are actuyally hiding the actual sucess trick and thus filling thier pocket with our hard earned money.

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