Simple Tools That Will Increase Interaction On Your Blog

There’s been so much made about interaction on social media over the past few years that a reminder is in order: this isn’t the only place you want interaction. With all of the integration we use in our campaigns, it can be simple to overlook the comment section on our blogs. We’re used to having the discussion take place on social media when we share the content or feedback happening in forums if we’re a part of them, but overlooking your blog comment section isn’t a healthy marketing decision.
Blog Comment Sections are Vital to Validity
I can’t tell you how many times I click on a link to a blog, scroll down and see zero comments. To me, this is a big indicator as to just how successful, engaging and helpful the blog is. If I don’t see a discussion, most times I won’t even read the blog. If people are talking about something, I want in on the conversation and most people do, it’s in our nature to gab and be social.
But even worse is when I get to an interesting blog, see a discussion taking place and then have to jump through hoops of information sharing just to leave a comment. Yes, as a marketer I understand why we want people’s emails before they comment, but as a member of the Internet community, I can’t stand it. If it’s not easy for me to leave a comment, I often never come back to the blog. And that’s a great idea for all of us, don’t just think about your marketing techniques from your own point of view. Think of them from the point of view of your readers. The last thing we want to do is put
up barriers between us and interaction. Making it hard to comment on blogs with outdated tools and systems does just that.
Two Tools to Make Commenting on Your Blog Easier
Here are two powerful, free tools that will tear down those communication barriers and help you get more interaction on your blog. You’ll soon see that once you get the ball rolling with a few comments, your blog will become a hotbed of activity, ripe for plucking out some more targeted leads.
1. Google+ Comments. Google+ is making some huge strides in the social networking field, but they’re also making some headlines with their comments. Mega-giant YouTube recently switched over to using Google+ comments, making them now the big dog in the yard. Using them for your blog is simple, if a person is already logged into their Google account, Gmail or Google+, all they have to do is comment. Of course, you have to host your blog on Blogger for this to work, but the big upside here is that they will be able to share your blog with their circles when they comment, thus increasing the reach of your blog.
2. Livefyre. This is a live commenting tool that updates continuously, adding comments from social media networks to your blog comment section. People can discuss comments on social sites right on your blog, bringing all of your social networking right into your comments. Plus, the comments can be shared on other social networks and as those branch off into discussions, they’ll also show up in your blog comment section!
Implementing these tools will create a jump in activity, interaction and even traffic. All that’s left for you to do is create the killer blogs that make people want to tear each other’s throats out (we all know that’s why we read the comments)!

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