Three Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Fails

Are you looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts? Aren’t we all! In fact, decreasing the amount of content marketing fail in your campaigns could be the most important thing moving forward into the latter half of 2015 – it’s quite clear that content marketing is here to stay, so if you’re not paying attention to it closely, it’s high time you start.

And by paying attention to your content marketing, I mean making it more effective by zooming in on these problem areas.

The Three Most Common Reasons Content Marketing Fails

  1.    Using the wrong scope to hit your targets. We all know that targeted marketing efforts can be very effective when used correctly, but it’s that last part that so many people have problems with. For instance, some marketers just can’t seem to scale their news and blogs down to a readable amount. Instead, they try to tell everything at once, all in one blog – the result is just too much information to swallow and none of it in detail. Go for smaller groups of fish with your net-you might have to make more trips out to sea, but didn’t we get into this game because we like boat rides? For other marketers, the problem is over-promotion, or as I like to call it, not adding anything but yourself. While to be certain, you do add value to the industry (or else you’d be out of business), you aren’t the only bridesmaid at the wedding. Don’t just blab on and on about yourself, but rather sprinkle your self-promotion in wisely and your customers will start to see your value-and your wisdom.
  2.    Not being an attentive…seller. You thought I was going to say lover, didn’t you? Well, it’s the same concept. If you don’t know your audience, you aren’t going to be hitting all the right spots with them and eventually, they are going to leave you for someone else. What you want to do is give them their favorite chocolates, flowers and gifts.
    This means content that is directed towards their interests, that they find appealing and that they will interact with. That’s right, you want something out of this relationship too! If you need engagement (and who doesn’t) you need to know how your audience engages. What do they share and where do they share it? Use some social media listening tools to get to know your audience. Find out everything you can about them and then cater to them. Make it easy for them to engage with social sharing buttons and then, don’t forget to send a thank you note in the morning!
  3.    Just having bad, poor, awful, no good content. Finally, there’s the ugly side of the truth-some content marketing fails because it justplain deserves to fail. Nobody wants to read your regurgitated, boring and sometimes plagiarized copy and articles-they want fresh, innovative content that draws them in and keeps them reading. You’re still reading, right? Right?

Know your weaknesses. If you can’t get some good content out there, hire someone who can do it for you. Spending on some copywriting firm isn’t an option for most independent internet marketers that are trying to keep their costs down and their ROIs up, but there are plenty of freelancers out there that can churn out some original content for fairly cheap. And if you can write, you don’t even have to reinvent the wheel-simply take a new view or perspective on popular or trending topics. Add your own voice and expertise to the matter at hand. Have an opinion and state it!